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Why you should replace your connected alarm with a smart camera

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He had always considered domestics as the most intelligent application, in general terms, of technology at the service of man; a connected and manageable house from any point of the globe could only offer advantages. My beginnings went back five years ago placing a small device that inclines a small SIM to the home heater; Now you can see it as something crazy, but at the time I managed to turn on the heating in the ice cream days of winter when I return home from travel. Today these devices, as you know, have evolved into smart thermostats, connected bulbs or even plugs with Wi-Fi. But the most dramatic jump in the incursion of home automation came when I installed a smart camera in 2016.

Before delving into the advantages of the change, we will remember what exactly this device consists of: it is a camera, with a greater or lesser technology depending on the model, which connects to the wireless network of the home and informs the user of everything It happens through alerts or live queries. The definition may seem simple, but the scope of the product is not as explained below.

Add to contracts, hello to control

Subscription plans for smart doorbells

My first decision, nothing else to have used for a long time, the camera, was to cancel the connected alarm. Miss the possible warning to the police in case of theft and the deterrent effect of the indications of the security company, but the benefits did not take long to arrive:

The end of the contracts

An alarm connected to the exchange requires a monthly subscription contract that, after one year, will bear the cost of the smart cam; the advantages were obvious and it showed in the pocket.

Total control

In my case, I opted for a Netatmo Security, a camera that has an ?engine? of artificial intelligence through which the faces of the people it registers are recognized. This seemed somewhat smaller at first, but I soon discovered that it will be transformative: as a father, the camera was warning me of the entry of each child, and in terms of security, I sent an alert push as soon as an unknown person enters the address.

Peace of mind during absences

One of my biggest fears when replacing an alarm connected to a central unit with a smart camera was the possible loss of security: in case of intrusion, no alarm will sound or the police will be notified, but soon discover that it was just the opposite. In our extended absences from home (for example, on vacation) I set the camera to alert me of any movement and in this a smart cam does not fail: if there is movement, it detects and warns. Logically, with this type of cameras you can connect remotely to see what happens and you can do it from any point as long as you have access to the internet.

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On the other hand, in case of detecting an intrusion in case of absence, I can always give notice to the police and also have a recording as proof of access.

Unlimited configuration capacity

Another advantage of the assortment of smart cameras on the market is that thanks to their mobile applications, you can configure notifications at will push and store the sequences in the cloud if that's what you want. This contrasts with a connected alarm, which is beyond the control of the user unless life is complicated by making extraordinary requests to the service provider.

What we ask in the future for a smart camera

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The versatility of this product makes it essential in a connected home: a camera provides security and added value if we consider its cost. But we can ask for much more. How can this product evolve? The bad news is that, really, it has not done so in excess in benefits throughout its life: manufacturers have improved the quality of video, adjusted costs, improved apps, but there has been no substantial leap in benefits and it's something you miss.

Those of us who have been with a team of these characteristics for some years now need a hardware improvement that makes the whole much more functional. And I am referring to turning the smart cam into a kind of home security center that, in the same device or sold together and for the same price, offers a siren for alarm breaks, smoke detector and also CO2 . The idea is to offer a comprehensive service to the user in a single device, and it is something that manufacturers are doing partially and by means of complements that ultimately trigger the price of the set and are not easy to install.

In this sense, devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are in a privileged position to occupy this space and we are sure that there will be news in this direction. The giant of Jeff Bezos has already updated his Echo in the United States with the Guardin function and this seems to be just the beginning.

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