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Why it makes more sense to use an Android than an iPhone to play on the mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Ink ros have been written about whether iOS is a better operating system than Android and vice versa. It is a debate that never ceases and that since Andro4all we always encourage you to participate, that is, always in a humorous and respectful way. Now, in particular we believe that both operating systems are magnificent and that each one has its positive points so both must learn from each other.

However we ask ourselves the following. With the disappearance of portable consoles – leaving Nintendo Switch apart – and with Google Stadia that arriving very soon to the markets, although not everyone who has reserved it can enjoy it out, mobile platforms are increasingly important when playing.

So, Better an Android smartphone to play? Or do I get an iPhone?

What phone should you buy to play?

Samsung Galaxy Note10 + Call of Duty Mobile

As a general rule, Apple's iPhone has always been one of the best options for smartphones to enjoy the best mobile video games. Good hardware, good screen and especially outstanding quality of applications in your App Store. To a greater extent, the Cupertino company has recently launched its Apple Arcade subscription service, which we could try before its official launch and we really liked it. Apart from that, iOS devices now also allow you to connect controls such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox, so the gamer experience is still better

After all the above, many are thinking that iOS is the best platform to play, but no. Preslav Kateliev is editor at Phone Arena and has explained perfectly in a recent and interesting article The main reason why the iPhone is not the best mobile device to play.

We have all suffered. Be playing immersed in a video game like Call of Duty or Mario Kart and suddenly that we receive many notifications that really bother, such as WhatsApp messages, emails or other notices. With iOS, the only option to avoid this is to activate the Do not disturb mode, but it must be something manual and therefore must be activated and deactivated every time we enter the game or leave it. That is, and subscribing to the words of the editor of Phone Arena, an authentic roll.

Mario Kart Tour Toad Race

That's why Android allows Game Mode, a feature that can be incorporated by brands and that is something vital in all smartphones they sell for gaming, such is the case of Honor 20, smartphone analyzed by our partner Raquel Morales of AlfaBetaJuega.

Thanks to this feature, nothing and nobody interrupt our game session. Also The mobile itself is the one that activates this function automatically when it detects that we have started a video game, so unlike the mode do not disturb, it is not necessary to activate and deactivate manually.

Actually, the gameplay may seem silly, but it is of those characteristics Once they are tested they become indispensable **, especially if we are very fond of playing video games on mobile. In short, iOS may be superior to Android in many aspects, but Android in terms of video games and user experience, is a few steps ahead.

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