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Welcome to The Haunted Forest

If there is something we can not put Blizzard in the face is that it does not update frequently enough HearthStone The card game inspired by the world of Warcraft has received the first expansion of the year, called The Haunted Forest.

It will be released before April 30, although there are no confirmed dates, and throughout these next weeks we will know more details although for the moment they have presented new mechanics, new letters and also some very juicy offers.

20 free envelope with pre-purchase

Each time Blizzard announces a HearthStone expansion, it makes players available with a pack of envelopes to get cards at a lower price than what they would have if we paid for the envelopes in the game.

So far that pack was 50 envelopes, at the price of 40, 49.99 euros. But this time he will give 20 more if we make the pre-purchase so if we doubted whether or not to pay for this offer this will clear the doubts. A total of 70 envelopes.

Regardless of whether or not we buy this pack when the expansion is launched, all players will be given three envelopes and a legendary random.

New keywords: Ram and Eco

As in each new wave of cards we have new mechanics presented. On this occasion there are two:

  • Charge: This is the possibility that a minion has to attack in the turn in which it comes into play. It differs from Load in which only minions can attack that turn, not players.
  • Echo: We can use a card several times in a turn as long as we have mana for it. For example, a card with Eco of cost 2 can be used 5 times in turn 10 or 3 in turn 6.

New archetypes

Among the few letters presented, two legendary ones stand out that seek to play only with odd or even cards and in return they will change the hero's power either by improving it or by reducing its cost.

Monster hunting

Two weeks after the launch of the expansion we will have access to a new form of game called Monster Hunt in which we will use one of the new heroes that will only be available in this section.

We do not know yet if there will be rewards and if you will be encouraged to play beyond fashion, which is something like that.