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We already have the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge … in Korea

Ya tenemos el Samsung Galaxy Note Edge... en Corea

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in Korea

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is one of the most curious products I have to try, whenever possible, first because of its arrival in Europe and second because it does not have an excessive price. Otherwise, you must wait for the MWC which is held in Barcelona in 2015 between March 2 and 5.

And while we're still waiting here in countries like South Korea you can enjoy itand all this with the aura of exclusivity that is already presupposed since he made partenaire Deluxe accompanying the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in its presentation.

In this way the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, as we say, is already available in South Koreafrom the hand of the operatorsSK Telecom and KTin two colors,white, or black, and at a price of more than a million won, what to change and if you plan to find an import will be about800 euros.

Sharing many specifications with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 such as the use of the same processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, 3 GB of RAM, S Pen or 16 megapixel camera, but it is the screen that is the main identity of this phone, a screen that draws attention for its lateral curvature , something that will be released on Youm devices at CES in Las Vegas.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge in Korea

Outside Korean territory it seems that the United States is the next country to see a terminal arrive that seems to be distributed with an eyedropperWell, media from this country are receiving test units, and the impressions are excellent.

Korean company It is scheduled to launch in Japan, the United States and India, just after having done so in South Korea but for Europe for now there is no news, good or bad. Have to wait.