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This is how the iPad was presented in its first announcement


Manzana released the first announcement of the iPad during the 2010 Oscars gala. Let's see how it was presented to the general public:

When Steve Jobs first presented the iPad in society (that wonderful January 27), he referred to a series of features of the device that would grant users a multimedia experience ?never seen before?. In essence Apple CEO told us that everything the iPad was capable of doing will do much better than a laptop or a Smartphone. He referred to the following characteristics: Web browsing, email, photos, videos, music, games and eBook (In this last category they will also be includedjournals Y newspapers).

TUAW has made a report on the composition of the ad and the time that appears each function or feature of the iPad:

  • The application shown for the longest time is the application Photos, which occupies 26% of the total, closely followed by the Mail application with 22%
  • The application iBook It was seen during 20% ??of the announcement, presenting itself as the main competitor of the eBook Readers.
  • Safari It is working for 9% of the time, and almost all that time the New York Times page was displayed.

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