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These are the best applications of the year

Samsung Galaxy A80, applications

Applications are an indispensable part so that the maximum potential can be taken from an operating system. And if you think about it, without applications, Android and iOS will only be able to take photos, call, send and receive messages, and little else. Just like the traditional phones we used years ago.

Now we have very good applications for our terminals, and TheAwards 2019 have recently been held, in which prizes were awarded to the best applications in Spain, and today we are going to show you what have been the winning applications of this edition.

These have been the best applications of 2019 in Spain

The Awards App

Best application: Too Good To Go

The application that has been crowned the best of 2019 is Too Good To Go, and its function is to put in contact restaurants that, at the end of each day, sell at a reduced price the surplus of food they have had during the day, so that restaurants do not have to throw food, and users can eat at a low price dishes that are usually more expensive.

Best food and drink application: Eltenedor

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<p>In the Food and Drink category, Eltenedor has been the winning application, <strong>and unlike Too Good to Go, it is not an application to buy food, but to reserve a table in a restaurant,</strong> and you can even have an exclusive discount of up to 50%, in addition to allowing you to check availability in real time.</p>
<h3>Best shopping application: Mascoteros</h3>
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Blablacar is another portal, but in this case it puts in contact people who plan to travel to the same place, so that they can share a car paying for all the gasoline, and that the trip goes cheaper for everyone.

Best social media and dating application: Ourtime

Ourtime is a dating application that has a particularity related to age: it is only for singles over 50 years, and from what is seen, it has obtained very good results throughout this year. In addition, the platform also organizes joint activities.

Best game: Gladiator Heroes

Gladiator heroes

In the Best Game category, the winner is Gladiator Heroes, a game developed by a Spanish company that mixes strategy and struggle, and also has a multiplayer mode that complements the mode against AI.

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