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The YouTube Music application is already compatible with the Siri assistant

Gradually the application of Youtube music It is getting functions with which to turn it into a real option that can replace Play Music (which, incidentally, lately is not making bad numbers in what it has to do with active users). The case is that an example of what we say is that this development already allows the use of the voice assistant Siri, which is Apple's own.

The truth is that this is an important addition, since those who have a device of the Cupertino company demanded that compatibility arrive to be a viable use option for them. And, the truth is that the landing from the voice assistant to the application we are talking about is really full (and this is still curious because Google itself has certain limitations). An example of what we say is that Siri shortcuts can be executed to make the simplest use of using the Cupertino company service.

YouTube Music to wake you up: how to use it in your phone's alarm

Obviously, the most common functions to use YouTube Music with the voice assistant of the firm led by Tim Cook in the iOS operating system They are present. An example is that you can ask with the voice the reproduction of the discography of an artist or specific song. In addition, the use of ready It is also a possibility that is present. Therefore, the functionality is complete and global, which is sure that more than one Android user does not feel particularly well (since, for example, the Google Assistant does not offer compatibility with the corresponding application in some regions, which it doesn't make much sense everything has to be said).

Simple operation, and a video proves it

A user who already has the corresponding update on his iPhone, has published a video in which you can see what simple that turns out to manage the use of YouTube Music in the terminals with iOS simply by using the voice (even, it is possible to establish this development as the one that is used by default when listening to music and perform actions without having to use Google Search). Even the usual integration of native applications for iOS in the execution of Siri also exists for the development of the Mountain View company. The truth is that practically nothing is missing in relation to the assistant, but still as an application to listen to music has to to get better, especially in options such as recommendations or in offering a better optimized user interface.

If you are a user of the application we are talking about or are thinking about it, simply by downloading the latest version of the work in the Apple application store, since you get the necessary compatibility. In this fast way it is possible to enjoy content on the client -which is perfectly combined with your own to access the videos- simply with the use of voice thanks to Siriwhich, in this case, exceeds that of Google.