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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S at a spectacular price and other great offers

We review some of the best deals of the week. You can get one of the best Xiaomi phones at a price of laughter, as well as other great offers that you should not miss.

The offer of the week: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S for less than 300 euros

Xiaomi is a company that usually stands out for its overwhelming quality / price ratio. In the middle of last year we met Pocophone, an excellent mobile that stood out for having the Qualcomm processor at a very low price.

Apart from its power and battery, the rest of the Pocophone elements do not leave the feeling of being a terminal premium. In today's offer, we have the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S at Pocophone price. This terminal has a better design, a fantastic screen, as well as features such as wireless charging. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S remains one of the best Xiaomi phones, and at this price it is difficult to resist.

Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro at a spectacular price

Huawei Mate 20 Pro review

Huawei closed a fantastic year with its Mate 20 series. In the editorial itself, for many of the members of The Free Android, the Mate 20 Pro even became the best mobile of the year, and you can do with it at a fantastic price .

It is a team whose starting price is around 1000 euros, and we can acquire it with almost 300 euros off. A powerful, beautiful mobile, with a beastly battery and with a lot of innovation in photography.

For a little less we can get the Huawei Mate 20, a similar mobile in power and photography, but that leaves behind some features, such as wireless charging, the fingerprint reader on the screen or its advanced facial unlocking. If these features do not interest you, it may be worth saving the difference, since the Mate 20 is another great mobile.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the best price

Despite not having caused the sensation of being as innovative as requested, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a mobile phone you can trust. A fluid mobile, and which can boast of being the most complete high-end mobile in terms of performance. It does not dispense with a headphone jack, wireless charging, or expansion of microSD cards, or water resistance. If you track its technical characteristics you will see that it has everything. And with that screen with pencil holder, it earns merits to remain one of the star phones.

Do you like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but you miss the budget? The Galaxy Note 8 is another fantastic mobile It is at an excellent price. A mobile that at the level of benefits is below (especially in the field of battery) but still offering a great experience. An excellent mobile that still has SPen.

Other great offers

In addition to these great offers, there are other great bargains that you can not miss especially if you are looking for good phones in the mid-range: