The new Xiaomi arrive with a 108 megapixel camera

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In little more than two months to end this year 2019 and there are companies that have already ended the season of presentations. But nevertheless, Firms like Xiaomi are willing to take advantage of the last moment to continue launching new devices. One of them will be about to be presented.

Those responsible for the Chinese firm have been responsible for publishing a teaser in the Weibo social network. The image makes it very clear, Xiaomi prepares a new smartphone to arrive with 5 cameras on its rear, one of them with more than 100 megapixels.

Xiaomi wants to hit with his cameras

We will be talking about the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, a mid-range device that will arrive to improve what we already saw in the Xiaomi Mi CC9 and Mi CC9e. He teaser lets us see 5 lenses on his back, with a double LED flash and inscriptions that give us more details.

The main sensor of the new Xiaomi smartphone reach an impressive 108 megapixels. Not being alone, it will arrive next to an ultra wide angle, and, as we see in the photograph, a ToF sensor that is responsible for measuring the depth of the scenes. Also, enjoy a 5x zoom.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

What can we expect from the new Xiaomi beyond its cameras? Its design will not be very different from what we found, for example, in the Xiaomi Mi A3. It will have a large panel with hardly any frames, with a fingerprint reader under the glass. Regarding its processor, one of the mid-range Snapdragon could be the chosen one.

You may not sound too much the name of this Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, it is a model that will be marketed in China, but serve as inspiration for other models that can reach Europe and Latin America. For now we have no more information, Xiaomi prepares an event for November 5 and it is quite likely that we can meet him on that date.

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