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The new iPhone 5 may have a 4-inch screen

iPhone 5: Dimensions and Screen

There are still months for Apple to launch the new version of its phone, the iPhone 5. But as always happens in the Apple world, the rumors do not cease and focus, this time, on the screen that will have the new object of desire of the Apple company.

According to what we can read in iLounge, Apple's new iPhone 5 will have a different, larger and stronger design, and a 4-inch screen. Something logical considering the dimensions of the screens of the last smartphone of the competition: Samsung, HTC … The one who does not run, flies!

In iLounge We also read that the iPhone 5 will be longer and less thick than the current iPhone 4S. With measures of 125 x 58.5 x 7.7 mm, the long-awaited phone can see how the proportion of its screen changes to adapt to the new size.

Other rumors – which we already mentioned in his report – say that the iPhone 5 could be manufactured with liquidmetal and include an Apple A6 processor.

Rumore, rumore …

How to be the new iPhone 5? We surprise Apple with something totally new or simply stay in a mere review of the iPhone 4S? Place your bets!

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