The New iPhone 5 is not Ready but May Arrive in October

The New iPhone 5 is not Ready but May Arrive in October

The new iPhone 5 may arrive next October

Despite all the rumors and more, if everything goes well Apple launch the New iPhone, iPhone 5, or whatever its new terminal is called end of this year.

All iPhone models have a 3.5-inch screen, while terminals governed by Android they have seen, in the last two years, great changes in the sizes and technology of their screens. Will the iPhone 5 have a bigger screen? Well, according to this rumor, s.

The last rumor of iMore, whose sources seem reliable, on the iPhone 5, which puts the title to this article, suggests that October is the month chosen by Apple to launch its new smartphone in its Apple Store, although for the moment not even Apple itself knows (what) the device will look like…

According iMoreThe only thing that is clear is that The release date of the New iPhone will be in October and that this include a smaller dock connector. So we can only wait …

We have 5 hard months of rumors ahead … Can we endure? Will we see the launch of the iPhone 5 in October?

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