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The iPhone 5 Can Wear a Flexible OLED Display

As if there were few rumors that are appearing on the iPhone 5, which could be presented in the coming months, this week we have received some information that could imply that Apple will make the new iPhone 5 with a flexible OLED display.

The new screen will be supplied by Samsung, and will be much stronger than the current Retina display. Rumors arise because Samsung Vice President Kwon Oh-hyun has said in the Korea Time They have begun to massively produce flexible OLED screens, given the high demand of their customers for the second half of this year.

And who is one of your biggest clients? Well, the company of Cupertino. Many users they have complained about the fragility of its iPhone 4 and 4S, because they are not once or twice the ones that have fallen to the ground.

If we join this Samsung announcement with the estimated departure date of the iPhone 5, which surely go to october to complete the one year cycle, the pieces begin to fit. Despite the legal disputes that Apple maintains with the Korean company, it is good to know that in the field of innovation they collaborate to get the most out of the technology.