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the firm has grown 800% in just one year

Realme 3 Pro

It is not one of the best known manufacturers, but Realme has hit the table with his latest pitches. A few days ago he presented his new Realme X2 and X2 Pro, which left us really surprised. Now, and thanks to a study, We know that it is the fastest growing brand in the world.

As we can read in the Counterpoint publication, Realme's development has no comparison in the mobile phone world. In just one year it has managed to multiply its market share by 8, placed in the top positions worldwide.

Really has come to stay

The numbers of the third quarter of this 2019 show that Really it has grown 800% over last year. Only for 3 months has managed to sell more than 10 million devices, which has taken it to the seventh place in the world ranking.

The fault lies primarily with the Indian market, which accounts for 80% of the sales of the Chinese firm. In a very short time it has managed to get 16% of the market share, placing it in fourth place at the level of sales in one of the most important markets in the world. On the other hand, in Indonesia it was the fastest brand to reach a million devices sold in the third quarter of this 2019, driven by the success of terminals such as Realme C2 and Realme 3.

Really growth chart

Until just a few months ago it seemed impossible that anyone could compete with Xiaomi in terms of sales and value for money, but Realme has broken into an impressive market force. Its terminals arrive with more than decent numbers and adjusted prices that can make you win many sales in a short time in countries like Spain.

Devices like the aforementioned Realme X2 and X2 Pro, or the Realme 5 Pro that we analyzed just a few days ago, They show that Xiaomi is not the only firm that we can recommend in the mid-range. The future for the Chinese brand seems more than promising.

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