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The company's most affordable QLED

He Q60R is the television Samsung's best selling QLED and has the widest range of sizes, from 49 to 82 inches. It promises to reach 100% of the volume of color, it has the funcun One Remote Control, ambient mode and other technologies present in the brand's premium televisions. Is it worth buying one? If you want to know the answer, continue reading our article on this TV.

Design and features

The design of Q60R It is not very different from the other televisions of the company. Unfortunately, One Connect, which centralizes all cables in an external housing, was restricted to the Q80R (much more expensive). Thus, we have the traditional aspect at the foot of the TV, that is to say in the form of V, the material is plastic and to hide the cables has some channels in the back that conceals them quite well.

As for the connectivity of the TV we have to say that the connections, whether redundancy are on the right side, has Four HDMI ports, two USB ports, one coaxial input with standard TV stand, one optical audio output, a video input and a Ethernet port, that is, what is expected on a TV of this range. Also has Bluetooth connectivity, It works for both input devices such as keyboards and output devices such as wireless speakers or headphones.

The remote control has a microphone for voice commands, a good addition to the basic Samsung model. With Bixby it is possible to perform simple tasks such as controlling the volume or searching the Internet. And the One Remote Control function works very well, allowing you to change channels or even access the programming guide on your pay-TV set-top box.

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<h2>Technical specifications</h2>
<p><strong>Model:</strong> QN55Q60R<strong>Screen Size:</strong> 54.6 inches (138.8 cm)<strong>Resolution:</strong> 3840 2160 pixels<strong>Update Frequency:</strong> 120 Hz<strong>Screen Type:</strong> VA LCD with LED edge lighting<strong>Supported imaging technologies:</strong> HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG<strong>Speaker Power:</strong> 2x 10 watts<strong>Technologies</strong><strong>Supported audio:</strong> Dolby Digital Plus<strong>Operating system:</strong> Tizen<strong>Power Consumption:</strong> 175 watts (maximum) and 0.5 watts (standby)<strong>Video inputs:</strong> 4 HDMI 2.0 (ARC, HDMI-CEC), 2 RF, component video<strong>Audio outputs:</strong> 1 optical digital audio output<strong>Other connections:</strong> 2 USB 2.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet<strong>Dimensions</strong>: 123.7 71.4 5.9 cm (without base) and 123.7 79.1 26.4 cm (with base)<strong>Weight:</strong> 18.6 kg (without base), 18.9 kg (with base)</p>
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Smart TV functions

All the animations of the menu are very well integrated and move smoothly, the navigation is very fluid and the applications load quickly. The custom icons for Apple TV, Nintendo Switch and many other devices are here, which demonstrates a level of caution that I don't see on TV so often.

The most popular streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go and Spotify are preinstalled. In the app store, you can find Deezer, Filmin among other. The programs are well developed and integrated with the lower menu of the TV, allowing you to access specific content even before opening the application.

Among Samsung's own tools include SmartThings, which centralizes the smart devices in your home (such as light bulbs, washers and dryers, refrigerators and security cameras); and the Room mode, It works as an alternative to the black screen, which shows images that match the decoration of the room when you're not looking at anything.

Where to watch the movies you want without dying in the attempt


Given the launch prices, you will not buy a Q60R: choose to save money and get another model without losing so much in image quality; or spend a little more and jump directly to the Q70R for local attenuation and a higher brightness peak that makes the difference in HDR content.

This TV Q60R is a good first step for those looking for an image improvement. It does not provide impressive advances on basic models, but green shoots are already noticeable, especially for living rooms with a lot of ambient light, where any additional brightness provides good help; and for gamers due to the frequency of updating.