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The best social media apps for your mobile phone

Users and companies go through social networks. Possibly most of the people around you use social networks. Even some people like YouTubers, influencers of different types or Community Managers have done these their job. What possibility does each of them have and what do they offer us?

WhatsApp – The indispensable

The communication application may vary by country, but in Spain, much of Europe and Latin America is WhatsAppthe option chosen for many users. WhatsApp is an app with a very basic function: Communicate by going directly with other users.

Any contact that has WhatsApp can talk to you in a direct chat. In this chat you can also add, images, voice messages, gifs, etc. You can also make video calls.

Whatsapp social networks

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

Facebook – The most popular social network in the world

It is not a few people that when you talk about social networks automatically comesFacebookto the head. This social network created by Mark Zuckerberg enjoys such popularity that it even has a movie dedicated to it (The social network, 2010).

And it is that Facebook quickly became the most used social network in the world, and at the moment there is no one to destroy it.

This social network allows us to share images, videos, and even what we think. We can connect with our friends and chat with them from the app, make video calls, play video games and a great etctera. It is possibly the social network that offers more options.

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Twitter – A little bird told me

Never expressiona little bird told meHe had gained so much strength. TwitterThe social network represented by a blue bird is another popular social network. Twitter is defined as a social network ofmicrobloggingWhat does this mean? You can tell what you want, but you have a limit of 280 characters to do so. Don't worry, if you fall short you can make athread.That is, a follow-up of tweets (name that the publications in this social network receive) that come together to form a single story.

You can share multimedia as images or videos, also has a built-in gif search engine. You can also interact in the posts of other users. If you follow a person to appear on your home screen, you can be aware of what your friend or favorite artist has to say.