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The best of Android Reader's choice: Xiaomi Black Shark vs. Oppo R17 Pro

Hello TecNoticias readers!

I am pleased to announce that, while we are finishing the tests for our annual Best of Android series, we will launch the Readers Choice Award. We need YOU to decide which phones 2018 are the best, crowning a headset to reign. An internal survey decided the order of sowing and all the pairings were determined using a support of 24 units. This means that the most popular phones here received a first round of goodbye, but any phone has the opportunity to eliminate these mobile devices from head to head. Be sure to move to the bottom of the page to cast your votes and participate in our raffle: the more you vote in our confrontations, the more chances you have of winning one of the three winning phones!

24 phones enter, one remains after a month of head-to-head competition.

Every day, we will update our Android Best Scoreboard with the winners of the previous day's survey. Come back here every day to see a new confrontation face to face and to see how badly your phone surpasses the competition!

Once the final winner is determined, win the coveted TecNoticias Reader Choice Award. While we cannot guarantee that this is the best smart phone of all time, the competition of brackets is a fun way to let off steam and do what we came to do at TecNoticias: discuss the phones.

Vote on our social channels, too!

Results n. 5: the Asus ROG phone crushes the Vivo X21

2018 has been the year for game phones, and that trend is really what drives the Asus ROG phone in the survey, eliminating Vivo X21.

This is a lot of fun and I am proud of our readers. I know it is very easy to worry a lot about smart phones, including myself, and the tone in the comments has been encouraging! But I've been watching some evil on some social channels. Relax, stop getting angry at user surveys.

Matchup # 6: Xiaomi Black Shark vs. Oppo R17 Pro

Our next fight faces the Xiaomi Black Shark game phone, at a reasonable price, with the colorful and elegant Oppo R17 Pro. Go with the Black Shark of all the features that a phone looks like for a game session of the whole day or The R17 Pro of moderate specification with the aspect that should belong to an art gallery?

Why you should vote for the black tiburn Xiaomi:

Xiaomi Gaming

The Xiaomi Black Shark is the company's gaming phone and, despite its mid-range price of ~ $ 479, this device has an impact. Not only does it support the latest Snapdragon 845 CPU and 6 or 8 GB of RAM, but it also includes a large 4,000 mAh battery that allows you to play for hours and hours.

Why you should vote for Oppo R17 Pro:

The Oppo R17 Pro continues Oppo's innovative efforts with an on-screen fingerprint sensor, triple cameras and two batteries for faster charging. If you can get one, it is a fantastic device that is packaged in a beautiful and well designed design.

Lanh Nguyen

What phone do you win?