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The AirPods Pro are official: features, design and price

The market for independent wireless headphones is really interesting, with many companies that bet on it, an example is Xiaomi and Google – which has already announced its own model. But Apple is the firm that is now a reference in this segment of the market and, the Cupertino company has just officially announced the AirPods Pro. These are the most important news they offer.

He design of this accessory and, the truth is that there are two reasons for this. The first is that it seeks to offer better ergonomics to users. Thus, for example, they are now included silicone pads of adjustment so that everything fits perfectly and that there are no problems of unexpected falls. In addition, the elongated end that exists in the previous versions of this accessory is significantly reduced, which increases comfort since it does not press places of the ear that are not necessary something that also influences a groove system designed to increase the comfort-.

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Another reason that has come to the company led by Tim Cook is that this new model now includes active noise cancellation, so you have had to make some modifications to the lines of the AirPods Pro so that this is fully functional, as well as improves the quality of the microphone that manages the necessary adjustment so that nothing affects the best possible sound quality. By the way, that this better was essential to be able to compete in the current market, where practically all the models that compete in price with the model of the Apple of which we speak, offer this possibility.

"AirPods "New

Other options that are part of the new AirPods Pro

One of which is interesting is that the headphones themselves include an equalizer that adapts independently in the reproductions that are made, something that among other things is achieved with the use of H1 chip -which keeps me using Siri directly and independently in the AirPods Pro-. Nor has one of the failures of this product range been resolved to date and, as expected, it is included IPX4 water protection, so that sweating or raining ceases to be a problem.

Interior of the new AirPods Pro

In what has to do with the dimensions that the new headphones have these are 3.09 long and 2.1 wide, so they take up very little space and allow their weight to stay in 5, 4 grams. Obviously, it does not lack a cover that acts as a charging device that is compatible with Qi wireless charging technology (and also includes a port Lihghtning it would have been a good opportunity to jump to USB type C, although it is true that a converter is included). Important: the use of gestures remains in use.

AirPods Pro silicone adapters

Final details and price of these headphones

One of those that remains to be commented is the one referring to the autonomous region, where Apple itself has confirmed that what each headset offers is 4.5 hours without having to resort to recharging (a total of twenty-four hours is reached giving use to the integrated battery in the case). With Bluetooth 5.0 communication technology, the new AirPods Pro can be purchased right now with a price of 279 euros, nothing less, and the delivery is made on October 30, 2019. U good progress, There is no doubt, but every time this accessory is more complicated to be the most striking in the market.