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The 10 best assault tower games like Clash Royale

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a unique game on Google Play and that has been its success. This game combines elements of real-time strategy, online multiplayer, as well as collection and card duels. But if you've already got bored of this title, you don't have to stop enjoying similar ones. That's why we bring the 10 best assault tower games in the style of Clash Royale. So you can't miss this article.

Brawl Stars, maybe the best option

Brawl Stars is another Supercell game in which you face other opponents online. The game has several game modes, including one against one, two against two and three against three, along with some interesting game techniques. You also get leaderboards, some additional heroes to collect and update, and lots of new content as the game progresses. It is not as strategically intense as Clash Royale, but the online multiplayer mode is still quite good.

Brawl stars Brawl stars

Gears POP, a great success of Gears of War

Gears POP is one of the newest tower assault games on this list. Ac You can collect more than 30 animated Gears of War characters in the best Funko POP style. Then you build a squad, you face other players and you rank up. The game also includes several improvements and skills, an opponent mode with AI to practice and some other techniques. Its central premise is identical to Clash Royale, but the mechanics are different. In addition its download is totally free.

POP Gears! POP Gears!

Pokemon Masters cannot be missing on this list

Pokemon Masters is another of the titles that have recently arrived on Android. It is played as a Pokmon game in its most basic form: the players They pick up Pokmon and face other trainers. However, here are battles of multiple coaches and mechanics that are simpler than most games in the Pokmon universe. It also presents cooperative battles, a story mode and some other elements that make it one of the best games in its style.

Pokmon Masters Pokmon Masters

Revolve8, another good alternative

Revolve8 is a pretty decent game that follows the line of Clash Royale. Players They build decks with eight cards and face opponents online. Traditional mechanics are heavily impregnated with old stories and although this does not translate much in the game, the atmosphere is very orderly. The game also features various skills, leagues and characters to collect. It may not be the best title on this list, but it is certainly a very good option.

Revolve8 Revolve8

WarFriends, a very particular game

WarFriends is a mix between a shooter and a duel game to collect cards that also integrates some MOBA elements. Renes characters and weapons a team as you normally do in a game of this style, but The novelty is that all these characters shoot each other. You will also get regular things, such as leaderboards and quick online games. It's a choice, but only if you want some action and shots in your strategy game.

WarFriends: PvP Trigger WarFriends: PvP Trigger

If you want quality graphics, try Deck Heroes: Legacy

If you are looking for a game similar to Clash Royale with a story, then Deck Heroes: Legacy is the one to play. Your goal in the game is to try to build a kingdom, But this is not as easy as it seems. Be constantly attacked by your opponents, and you will have to recruit powerful heroes and creatures to protect your kingdom. It is one of the most visually appealing titles on the list. However, you have to play it for a good time to unlock more cards and opportunities.

Deck Heroes: Legacy Deck Heroes: Legacy

Urban Rivals for simple lovers

Urban Rivals is a great mix of collectible card games and role-playing games. This game combines the elements of both genres to offer a better gaming experience. Unlike other card games, It has a lower learning curve, perfect for casual mobile players. There are only 8 cards required in a deck to compete in this game, which gives each user, whether new or old, an equal opportunity to compete with each other. Without a doubt, a very interesting option that you should try.