Take the Viking Oddmar through 24 levels full of virtuosity

Oddmar is one of those platform games that is simply a pleasure to take a game and explore for the first time each of those extensive levels it contains. One of those games that come out every year and with which we get hooked until we finish them.

A bestial technical deployment at all levels and in which everything stands out, although surely you will be absorbed by the screams and moans that our funny and adventurous Viking releases. Oddmar is a game of details with which to fall in love with how well it is devised in all planes.

A platform that significantly raises the bar of quality

To say that Oddmar significantly raises the bar of quality, we mean that now you won't be able to take out any platform With nice graphics. But you have to work the atmosphere, the sounds of the characters, the living environments in colors and details, the perfect and totally soft animations and that level design that we have to think a little to get out of some of the problems to The ones we face.


Oddmar is based on Norse mythology and we will get into the skin of the bearded hero to take him on a lot of adventures. What to say that all environments, characters and setting has that Viking touch so special that they make it a unique game. Mobge has done an excellent job in this regard and we can only applaud them for the high level and dedication put into this Android game.


And we haven't talked about some references to mythical platforms like Super Mario Bros. You will have to overcome the opponents by jumping on them, so get ready to measure your jumps well. Another curious aspect of Oddmar is that every time it jumps it will leave a mushroom as a trail that at some times we can use to continue jumping.

With clear references to Nintendo

Any platform that boasts of being so has to make some reference to the Nintendo game. Oddmar has them and this manages to tip the edge of a game that will become one of the best of this year 2019. It is targeted for our list of best games of 2019; We hope you have not missed the 2018 one.


The gameplay is quite simple and we will drive Oddmar moving it left or right by pressing on the side left, and for what are the jumps and some special movements we have the gestures. Logically jump up. The truth that is carried away perfectly and is very intuitive in the movement.

Oddmar platforms

We are a game that will get us out some laugh than another with those grunts and sounds that sud Oddmar. They are perfectly adjusted to achieve the desired effect when the poor man falls into the sea or has jumped in to collide with some of the enemies we will encounter.

And with extensive levels

The vast majority of platforms that we have in the market, except for honorable exceptions, they are usually quite short in extension of the levels. Oddmar gives everything and surprises us with extensive levels in which we will have to keep our progress in case things get difficult to return to. It is another of the points of a game that promises a lot and it is practically a delight to play with an AMOLED screen (yes, I am heavy, but it is what it is).


Oddmar comes to Android to just succeed with your master class of how a real platform is made. Excellent character design, total animations, lively environments that put the perfect atmosphere to each of the adventures, a sound of ten with soundtrack and various effects and, what to say, of the levels so well recreated so that we can cure them a little bit; by the way, they are a total of 24.