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Subway Surfers, first game with more than 1000 million downloads

Who has not ever played Subway Surfers? It is one of those games that has been on smartphones for years and has not stopped updating despite the mechanics not giving too much of itself. Endless runner manual, but with enviable aesthetics and playability. It is not surprising that this game has achieved a milestone in Android.

The developer, Kiloo, and the one that distributes the game on mobile platforms, SYBO, have announced today that Subway Surfers An important medal has been placed: it is the first game in the Google Play Store that goes beyond 1000 million downloads. Time plays in their favor, but also the efforts of those behind to keep this game among the historical tops of downloads.

Subway Surfers has not dropped from the top positions in downloads despite being launched in 2012

Subway Surfers, first game with more than 1000 million downloads

I remember the first time I played Subway Surfers on Android. Should have a Samsung Galaxy S3, a very powerful mobile for the time. He has never needed great resources, but the graphic style was always decisive: smooth 3D animations with defined characters, music that has stuck to a whole generation and with an objective that has not changed: escape from the police.

Subway Surfers It remains among the games that has made the endless runner a classic among casual titles. Always among the top 25 of the free games for any country, it is one of those games that almost all mobile users know. And that keeps the good reviews although it helped to establish the so controversial genre «free to play«.

Subway Surfers It was recently updated with a new scenario: Tokyo If you deleted it from your smartphone, or you are one of the few who hasn't played it yet, you can take the opportunity to remember the old days. Surely you will not be content with a single career, it is still very good.