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Sony wants to compete with Apple iPad


Sony wants to join the list of companies that compete with Apple by launching a new device. Apparently, they have in mind to launch a product line among which is a smartphone Able to download and run games from the PlayStation.

On the other hand, the possibility of presenting a new device that serves as a netbook, e-book reader and PSP, all in one, is also considered. With this product, it is clear that Sony's main objective is to rival the iPad, given the good buying expectations it has.

On the other hand, Howard Stringer – member of the executive direction of Sony – has commented that they plan to distribute movies, television series, music and games for this new range of products, which will be a full-fledged iTunes Store, only that this It will come from the hand of the Japanese manufacturer.

With all this stir, once again We will be the end users who will win, since we can compare and choose the device that best suits our needs.