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Some users detect performance problems in Pixel 4

pixel 4 4xl first impressions review dt dsc 3928Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

The truth is that there is no perfect phone. Moreover, when deciding on one model or another, each user takes into account or sees more important certain factors, be it the price, the camera, the operating system or the design. Well, as is clear from the complaints of some owners of the new Google phones, performance problems have been detected in the Pixels 4. In addition, it is not the only mistake or problem that was found, for the moment, to these newly launched devices.

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But how does this performance problem translate? Mainly, according to some complaints, the problem will be that the Pixel 4 takes a long time to open applications, as well as in performance drops in video recording in 4K at 30 frames per second (fps).

However, if you have a Pixel 4 better than not panic, still. These errors have been detected in some models, which does not mean that it will happen to you.

But, just in case, be very attentive. For now, Google has not confirmed these errors or offered information about possible causes or reasons.

In any case, if you verify that your Pixel 4 shows performance problems, we advise you to contact Google to see if it is an error that only affects a limited number of terminals and changing it by another the problem is solved or if, on the other hand , it is due to the phone software and, in that case, with some update it can be resolved.

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