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Samsung asks QLED TV to run a virus scan

If you have a smart TV, you have probably connected it to the Internet to access popular applications such as Netflix.

But in doing so

You are also taking a risk, as your TV could become infected with malware. That's what Samsung thinks, and suggests that you run a regular virus scan on your TVs.

“Scanning your computer for malicious viruses is important for it to run smoothly. This is also valid for your QLED TV if it is connected to Wi-Fi. Avoid malicious software attacks on your TV by searching for viruses on your TV every few weeks. ” Samsung tweeted from its Twitter account @SamsungSupport on Monday.

The reports

Subsequent about possible malicious programs on Samsung TVs apparently were not what the company was looking for with its tweet, which has since been removed.

A video also showed QLED TV model owners exactly how to access the integrated security scanning function, which has three layers in the TV interface menu.

To access it

You must load the menu and navigate to General> System Administrator> Smart Security before touching “Scan”.

It takes longer to activate the scan than to perform one. It is not clear why this is not an automatic scan that is performed when the TV is turned on.