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QuickWordPress, the App to Manage a Blog from iPad and iPad 2

QuickWordPress It is an application for iPad and iPad 2 that allow you to manage your blog WordPress from Apple tablets.

You are not convinced (at all) by the official application of WordPress for iPad and iPad 2? Welcome to the club!

WordPress It is the most used blogging platform on the entire planet. That is why, for manage a WordPress blog from iPad or iPad 2, a GOOD application is necessary.

QuickWordPress it does not have all the functions present in the web version of WordPress, but for publish and update articles It works of vice.

Some features of QuickWordPress:

  • New extended keyboard.
  • Format your text very easily.
  • Vista preva IN APP.
  • Update (Edit) articles already published.
  • Upload / Insert images.
  • Paste images from the Safari App.
  • Save notes

More catches of QuickWordPress for iPad and iPad 2: