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Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 has been evaluated by Geekbench

Qualcom Snapdragon

With the passage of time, we are seeing new processors, some better than others, and this is an irreversible and logical trend, in addition, as everything progresses. Firms like Qualcomm nurture the options in the market, as far as mobile platforms are concerned. But not only does this company do it, but also Mediatek and Unisoc, which makes little presence in smartphones.

Qualcomm has been listed as the most important in the industry, being the one with the most smartphones of its chipsets. On the other hand – Unisoc aside – Mediatek does not do it as much as the first; In addition, it focuses on low and medium range devices, as well as Chinese terminals, leaving Qualcomm free ground with its 800 Series SoCs. The Snapdragon 855 – along with the new SD855 Plus – is the living example in recent terminals of the highest performance, but this is about to end its term as the most powerful, because Snapdragon 865 is already underway and Geekbench has already tried it.

The processor has achieved a score of 4,165 in single-core tests and 12,946 points in multi-core tests, compared to what the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro previously achieved, device gaming with Snapdragon 855 Plus that obtained 3,462 in the section single core and 10,765 in the multicore.

Results obtained by the Snapdragon 865 processor in the Geekbench test platform

Snapdragon 865 in Geekbench

The base frequency of the SoC indicated on the test platform is 1.8 GHz. Probably the maximum frequency reached by the chipset reaches 3 GHz or even exceed that figure, so we will be facing a System-on-Chip capable of everything there was and for having; there will be no game or application that cannot run. In addition, you will be implementing, yes or yes, multiple key components that will help in the other specific tasks, such as AI. Soon we will be knowing all your specifications; Maybe at the end of the year.

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