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Problems with Instagram marketing that you should know and solve

Problems with Instagram marketing that you should know and be able to solve

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For various brands, Instagram is consolidated as a key space for the fulfillment of different marketing objectives, its relevance is such that, as shared by the firm Our Social Times, the engagement with the publications of the brands in the social network is growing at a faster pace than the brands that are adopting the platform. Adopting the social network can be a good idea, as long as you have a sense of how to develop the presence of the brand correctly. This comes into play because over the years the social network has evolved and some actions of the past are no longer effective today. With that in mind, in this space we decided to highlight the problems with Instagram marketing that brands must know and how they can solve them.

According to 60 Second Marketer, these are the 5 problems that brands and companies may face with Instagram marketing and that they should know how to solve them properly to avoid their effects:

  • Focus on growth instead of engagement

As part of this first mistake with Instagram marketing, many marketing and brand professionals have to assume that having more followers means more customers, however this is not the case, unless active steps are taken to convert each one of followers in customers The chances of this happening are low, so having more and more followers can be considered as something without much sense.

More than worrying about the growth of followers, brands should be interested in the engagement they develop with those they already have, when this element exists, people are more likely to become customers.

To solve this first problem, one of the simplest ways to achieve this is to determine why Followers follow the brand on Instagram. And to accomplish this task, the most direct way is to ask people directly. Brands should talk to their followers, respond to their comments and participate in conversations.

Interacting with the people that make up the brand community is key to understanding them and giving a boost to that engagement that can bring more customers to the business.

  • Buy likes on Instagram

The second mistake of marketing on Instagram is to take this shortcut to note that the brand is more popular in the niche where it is located, however, it not only covers the purchase of likes, but also the purchase of followers, comments, among other elements . Really brands should completely discard this type of practice, as well as being expensive, they represent a total loss of time and money that can be invested in actions that generate results.

Buying interactions does not make the brand popular, the effect it causes is quite the opposite, the account of the brand or company may end up blocked as this breaks with its policies.

The easiest solution for this problem is to work in an organic way to earn those likes, those follows and respost of the content. The starting point in this is to create attractive content, materials that inspire, entertain, inform or educate the audience. If people like what they see, they will be more likely to interact and follow the brand.

Since it is Instagram, a very visual social network, it is particularly important to take care of aesthetics, it is also important to work by placing locations and good copies to accompany the materials.

  • Do not use hashtags correctly

On Instagram, hashtags are a key element within the platform, both so that it made it possible for people to follow them as if they were people accounts. Ideally, each publication of a brand or company should be accompanied by hashtags, however, these can cause problems.

The main detail with this marketing action on Instagram is that many marketers still do not know how to properly use hashtags, there is a tendency to saturate publications with so many hashtags it is possible to place (30 is the maximum number) thinking that it is more likely with it For someone to find the content and interact, however, statistics dictate that the greater the number of hashtags, the lower the engagement received.