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OnePlus announces a new pre-booking window on day 17

New pre-reservations OnePlus One

Since it was founded in late 2013, the startup Chinese OnePlus has become one of the great animators of the market of smartphones. A clear example of this is that on his only device marketed for now, the OnePlus One, electronic ink ros have been written.

Although the decision to create a system of invitations for your purchase may seem more or less accurate, it is undeniable that it has served to increase the expectation to unsuspected levels, turning the OnePlus One into an authentic object of desire.

If a few days ago let's see how the company chaired by Pete Lau tried to take a 180-degree turn, opting to enable OnePlus One reservations for one hour, once Day D has passed, we can cross out the Experience as disastrous.

And things did not go as planned in OnePlus. The place company website experienced a massive traffic which not only made it virtually impossible to place orders, but also to know if they had been processed correctly.

Before the critics aluvin, today OnePlus wanted to make an amendment, explaining what happened and apologizing thus:

In the period prior to the opening of the pre-reservation window, we doubled our server's capacity to cope with the traffic we estimate. However, the number of people who registered to send pre-reservations caused them to be blocked at a certain point in the process, making many users unable to authenticate.

Also, to amend the situation, the opening of a new pre-reservation window next November 17 at 16:00 Spanish time. Until then, we can only hope to rely on the improvement of the capacity of its servers to meet such a large demand.

Could you buy your OnePlus One last day 27 ?, will you try again when the next pre-booking window opens?

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