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One of the key features of the iPhone 11, you can reach the Samsung Galaxy very soon

iPhone 11 blue

That Apple and its phones innovate is something we already know for years. Although many weigh, the signature of the bitten apple is one of the main reference companies not only of mobile phone, but also of technology in general.

His last devices presented, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro left no one indifferent. Some pointed out that these smartphones were a fiasco while others claimed that Apple had created a magnificent terminal, especially in its photographic section. Opinions for everyone.

What cannot be denied is that everyone looks at Cupertino every time he announces something, even its main competitors like the South Korean Samsung which can be integrated into their mobile devices, one of the features that Apple users liked the most. What is it?

The "slofie" can reach Samsung phones

It is curious and no matter how well you do it, because in the end what matters are the small details and in that Apple is an expert. With a marketing team that other companies will want, Cupertino's firm knows how to sell its devices perfectly. Knowing that social networks are key to today, they presented the ?slofie?, that is, taking selfies in slow motion. A feature that incomprehensibly became viral in a short time.

And now it is Samsung, as they report from Sam Mobile, which in view of the popularity of slow motion selfies, add this function on your Galaxy terminals. Thus it has been possible to check on some phones installed with the One UI 2.0 and Android 10 beta.

As they report, Samsung's slofie does not work as well as the iPhone at the moment, something understandable to be in a beta. Nor do we know what Samsung's current phones that will be compatible with that function will definitely be – we understand that high ranges such as the Galaxy S10 and Note10 – but what is certain is that we can never laugh at Apple, because in the end a brand of Android phones copy it.

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