Offer to buy the Samsung T5 500GB disk for less than 110 euros

Offer to buy the Samsung T5 500GB disk for less than 110 euros

It is possible that on your computer or mobile device the storage space is coming to an end. And, this is a problem since the data you have you don't want to lose. If you do not want to depend on the cloud, a great option is to get an external SSD like the Samsung T5 500GB, which right now is in offer at half its usual price.

This is a model that has many virtues, as for example he offers a finish in metal That makes him attractive. Available in blue, its dimensions are really small, so transporting it is very comfortable (74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm and, the weight, is only 49.9 grams). In what has to do with connectivity, the one offered is USB type C, which ensures a good data transfer rate and, in addition, that it can be used with both laptops and smartphones – a good detail: it does not lack a type A adapter.

SSD discs: what types exist and their biggest differences

Inside this external SSD disk there is 500 GB of space that is added to what you have in the computer to which you connect it, being the type of V-NAND flash memory. This, combined with the aforementioned connection interface, allows speeds of 540 MB / s, which it is almost five times better than devices that do not use solid state technology. Come on, that 4K movies play without the slightest problem. A good detail for security is the best possible is that it includes the option to use 256 bit AES encryption, so that the information stored can only be seen by those who know the corresponding password – something that is important if it is used both personally and professionally.

USB connection of the Samsung T5 500GB SSD

Some more details offered by this external SSD disk on offer

An excellent detail of the Samsung T5 500GB is that it includes a own software which allows from configuring the encryption to checking if there are new firmware versions (there is a client for Android, for example). In addition, in use the temperature control is perfect, which adds to great security against loss of information and falls, since it does not include moving parts inside – which are more delicate. Important to comment that this model is type Powered bus, so all the energy you need to operate is acquired from the USB port itself, which avoids carrying an additional adapter when taking it from one side to another.

Samsung T5 500GB disk design

Applications compatible with this smartband function

If this accessory is exactly what you are looking for, or at least it meets your needs, you should know that right now it is possible to get it in Amazon with a price that is half of what it usually has (the discount is 49%), so it is your historical minimum till the date. Then, we leave the link for you to get the Samsung T5 500GB, a model of excellent quality and high performance: