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Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019: features and price

There is great unanimity regarding the players Nvidia Shield TV They are the best (if not the best of all) of those who use Android TV. And, to maintain this supremaca, they have just announced two new models They arrive with new interests and a striking decrease in prices to be a purchase option against, for example, Chromecast.

The cheaper version, Nvidia Shield TV 2019, has a price of 149 dollars (the change remains at about 135 euros – we'll see if this is adjusted or converted directly.) This model has a radical design change, now that as expected comes cylinder which includes everything necessary for its operation and also allows it to be hidden behind the television. Thus, for example, there is no missing Ethernet port and HDMI output with advanced HD scaling up to 4K through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Scaling with Nvidia Shield TV 2019 players

Inside this model there is a processor Tegra X1 +, which increases the performance by 25% according to the company – and, its GPU has 256 cores, so the graphic performance aims to be excellent. The RAM stays at 2 GB, something scarce for some tasks that it is capable of executing Android TV, that is true, and the storage is in eight gigas, being expandable through the use of microSD cards. Wireless connectivity is complete, there is no lack WiFi and Bluetooth (version 5.0), and some interesting options is that this model is compatible with HDR; Dolby Vision; and, also, Dolby Atmos is a possibility in relation to sound.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro, the jewel in the crown

This model offers a design reminiscent of previous generations, and offers a higher power than we have indicated before. The case is that this version has a price of 199 dollars, which currently remains at about 180 euros. By the way, a differential detail of this device is that it is possible to convert it into a media server since it has direct support for the use of Plex, which allows advanced use.

"New "Nvidia

With two USB 3.0 ports, which makes it possible to connect external disks (for example), the integrated processor is the same as in the less powerful version. In this case you have a jig ms of RAM, good news, and storage starts at 16 GB, it is true that thirty-two are expected, but in principle it may be enough for regular use. Nvidia Shield TV Pro allows the execution of advanced games, such as Portal 2 for Android, and all the video options offered by the previous device are also present.

Small details to know about the new Nvidia Shield TV

One is that both models include remote control with a triangular shape that, among other things, has a direct access button to Netflix. It includes its own lighting that is activated with the movement. With both models you can use the Google assistant without restrictions – it is also compatible with Alexa – and also has access to the GeForce NOW cloud game service.

Using Nvidia Shield TV players 2019

A correct evolution these players that are already on sale, with a striking price drop in general and with the different design of the Nvidia Shield TV model that makes it attractive and does not take up space in the living room furniture. Also, do not forget that when you use Android TV you have access to the Google Play Store application store.