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Multitasking by fn with the iPhone OS 4.0?


Over a long time Apple has insisted that multitasking on the iPhone will only cause problems, for security concerns and for the intensive use of resources, leading to a bad experience using iPhone OS.

Nonetheless, the manzanita company may have changed its mind, perhaps under pressure from all the competition: a reliable source from the Appleinsider guys has informed the media that Apple is preparing a solution that will allow some third-party applications present in the App Store run in the background (or in the background), using the much sought after multitasking for fn.

What we do know is one thing:Si Apple includes multitasking on the iPhone we will need a new user interface. The other day we told you that the 9 to 5 Mac team had discovered new gestures in the last beta of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK. Perhaps these new gestures could be associated with the exchange of applications that are running through the multi-process… Although, of course, this is only a theory of the iPadizate team!

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