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Motorola is now officially part of Lenovo

Motorola, a Lenovo companyAlmost a year ago, specifically 10 months, since Google announced the sale of Motorola to the Chinese firm Lenovo for the succulent figure of almost 3 billion dollars, which will be paid within 3 years.

Well today was the day in which this announcement has become real and is that Lenovo has published a statement in whichYang Yuanqing, CEO and president of Lenovo says that his company and Motorola intend to compete, grow and succeed in the mobile phone market. In case anyone cared, too Motorola's 3500 employees are now part of the Chinese firmevenRick Osterloh, CEO of Motorola keep his post and remain in command at Chicago headquarters.

Endicho release, the great efforts Motorola has made to get where it isobviously naming the Motorola Moto family, dfrom the Motorola Moto G and Motorola Moto X from first generation to the new batch of terminals. It can also be said that they have not only praised the Motorola Moto family, they have also done the same with the Motorola Droid family.

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Next, we leave you two small fragments of the statement so that you read it with your own eyes:

Today we have achieved a historic milestone for Lenovo and Motorola and together we are ready to compete, grow and succeed in the global smart phone market

We are going to give the market something it has needed: choice, competition and a new spark of innovation.

With this acquisition, Lenovo intends to enter the world leaders of the mobile phone since every day Motorola wins new users thanks to its interesting devices with good specifications and a contained price.

What do you think? Do you think Google has done well selling Motorola?