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Megadede and nine other websites to watch movies and series online

Megadede remains one of the portals par excellence to watch both movies and online series. After the closing of Pordede and Plusdede, Megadede allows access with the passwords of the previous pages, something that makes things easier and prevents us from having to create new accounts.

Despite being one of the most popular pages, there are several alternatives to Megadede, which allow us to watch series and movies online. Thus, We compile some of the options to replace (or complement) this page.

Alternatives to Megadede

As we anticipate, Megadede currently works under its .com domain, and is one of the best alternatives to watch online series, although it has the "disadvantage" of require prior registration to be able to access the contents. Therefore, we propose alternatives, most of them without prior registration, so you can do the same.


Image 2019 10 28 12 08 18

Dixmax is our first alternative to Megadede. It is a portal where we can watch movies and series, most of them in Full HD resolution. In the previews of each installment we observe the average score that the viewers have given (on a maximum of 10 stars). In the same way, we can filter by genre, year, quality, age, subtitles, language, etc. Requires prior registration.


Image 2019 10 28 12 09 17

Inkaseries is another of our alternatives to watch movies and series online. The interface is somewhat simpler, although it has an extensive catalog. In this case, no registration required, and the scores are seen once we have clicked on the delivery we want to see. At the quality level there is not so much content in 1080, but s in DVDRip (720p).

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Image 2019 10 28 12 10 00

Pelispedia also allows us to enjoy series and movies on the web, allowing us to filter by genre, year and country. It has enough content in Full HD, and does not require prior registration to access its contents. At the interface level it is quite complete and interactive, showing us enough training when entering.

Cuevana 2

Image 2019 10 28 12 10 30

Cuevana2 is still in the line of the websites that we are showing you. In this case, the home screen lets us filter by what we see in the beginning, genre, movies, highlights, series, and Spanish movies. It also does not require prior registration, and has the majority of its contents in HD quality.

Image 2019 10 28 12 10 55