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It is now possible to play with Thanos in the last update of Fortnite


A few days ago, as many users were waiting for, the guys from Marvel and Epic Games again announced a collaboration, a collaboration that until a few hours ago we didn't know what it could be. As soon as the game has been updated, We already have all the details of this collaboration.

Like last year, Thanos will again be available to all game users in an MTL called Endgame. As the name Limited Time Mode indicates, it is limited in time, so it won't be available for a long time, so don't be late and take the opportunity.

The MTL Endgame offers us two sides: The heroes and Thanos accompanied by the chitauri. Heroes land on the island with a treasure map where they can find the Hawkeye bow, Captain America's shield, Ironman's suit or Thor's hammer.

When we meet on the side of the Chitauri, we can play the role of Thanos as long as we are the first to collect one of the six gems distributed For the whole game. As you get the gems, Thanos's power will increase. The Chitarui land on the island with a laser rifle, anti-structure grenades and a propeller that allows them to make great leaps in the air for a few seconds.

In the store we have at our disposal the black widow's suit, a set that is accompanied by a backpack for 1,500 turkeys. We also have at our disposal the Black Widow Sting peak for another 800 turkeys in addition to a pirouette for another 200. According to the company, in a few days, we will have at our disposal Another character

For free, we will be able to get the Avengers Quinjet, as long as we complete 10 of the challenges they put at our disposal.

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