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iPhone 5 – Sony may be responsible for manufacturing its screen

Apple Insider has brought to light a report of the Taipei Times about the possibility that Sony has been chosen to manufacture the screens of the new Apple smartphone, which is presumably called iPhone 5.

In this way, the Japanese company will join Sharp, Toshiba Mobile and LG in the assembly line. The most interesting thing about this report is that they will use intracell technology, which may have some consequences on the usability of the device.

Sony Can Make the Screen of the New iPhone 5

Unlike extracell panels, which use color filters and separate touch sensors, intracell panels combine both functionalities into a single component, making the screen significantly smaller.

And if there is something that can reduce a few millimeters of thickness, we are sure that Apple will investigate this technology thoroughly, as it is something that is taken very seriously. Another rumor more than points to the radical change of appearance of the next device, unlike what happened with the 4S. In this way, we can find an iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen, something that will put the new terminal of the block at the height of the screens of its competitors.

In addition, according to the report of Taipei Times, Samsung no longer appears as a manufacturer of screens for Apple, fueling rumors that ensure that the Cupertino company is trying distance yourself from your main competitor.

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