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Intel presents its processors for smartphones and tablets with 4G / LTE

During this couple of days, we have already seen some interesting devices that used Intel processors. The giant of silicon is the great forgotten in the market of mobile processors, but little by little it is catching up with other manufacturers such as Qualcomm or Samsung. And it does so with an evolution of the technology that resulted in the processors Atom, the range aimed at small laptops that offers good performance with high energy efficiency.

And that is precisely what a mobile device needs. Enough power to move the latest apps and games, and at the same time that the battery is not consumed in a few minutess. Until now, we had already seen the solution of Intel for tablets, but smartphones were in the background. That is over at the fair Computex, in which Intel You have specified your plans for this market.

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<p>The first smartphones with the new processors <strong>Merrifield</strong> <strong>they won't arrive until the beginning of next year</strong>, but we already know that when they arrive they will have to be taken into account. <strong>Manufactured with 22nm technology, they are designed to offer great performance</strong>, but at the same time, longer use time using less battery. To prove it, Intel briefly showed the reference model with one of these processors running Android. Further, <strong>Intel is working on the use of sensors to identify the user</strong> and improve privacy, allowing certain features to be limited or directly mobile not to work. We still don't have many details about this technology, but it's promising.</p>
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