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If you played the original Silkroad Online, don't even try it on Android

Silkroad Online was a real MMO that he was able to have tens of thousands of players in his time at the time of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars for PC; a few years ago yes …

Now back to mobile phones, but totally converted into an MMO of these in which nothing more than a mere spectator and your actions are almost a few touches. Come on, for that to automate even the need to have a person "playing" this game. Nefarious return, to tell the truth.

And yes, you can play on your own …

But for what? That is, you can go from the automation of the attack or go to the missions to do them and then receive the rewards, but you already have those options by default, so you will do it manually. Thus they take away all the grace They may have one of these games.


And if we talk about Silkroad Online, turn off and let's go. This game is one of the examples of why the freemium is "killing" titles which in the past were very liked. Nor are we going to say anything that Silkroad Online was a pure grinder in which it was difficult to level up, but at least you controlled your player, you decided to go here and there and you had to be well advised not to fall into the grip of another player.


In Silkroad Online for Android they throw away everything they did famous to this game to turn it into a kind of headless zombie that we don't know where it is going. We assume that it must be easy to create a game in which the interaction almost does not pass through the player but rather the whole "machine" does.

Silkroad Online or what it was

And although Silkroad Online has good graphics, it's not that they've worked it out. Surely you will remember that beautiful soundtrack of the PC version. Here we have it, but the technical breakdown is such that we will hate it at certain times.


With that we don't want to say it's a bad game, but if we compare it to the original … Anyway, you can create your character in the Asian style, have your mount, develop skills and equip your character to make it more powerful.

The combat is in 3D and the camera can be moved to take the best perspective of the game that we will not play, since it is more comfortable to put the self-attack and then give the missions so that our character goes straight to them. Come on it almost seems more like a mini movie in which we are only spectators. You can play even eating popcorn …

Not that way

What we mean is that it is a sacrilege to do this with Silkroad Online. And we had it easy, since the first is not that it was a talent on a graphic level, but that of the caravans and bandits had their one. In Android they have had the possibility of bringing a real mmo, but they have stayed light years away from what was Silkroad Online. Now we cross our fingers so that Immortal Devil is not something similar …


Technically highlights the unmatched soundtrack And those graphics. But the desynchronization of the sound, which does not sound or the effects, that there is lag in a Galaxy S10 + and the occasional stumbling, is inadmissible. Hopefully they will solve it in those updates that have to fall, but at first, detestable.