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Huawei legal problems: Is it worth buying a Huawei cell phone?


Huawei problems will impact the market drastically and make it difficult to recommend the purchase of a Huawei cell phone today, at least as the picture looks now.

Angela Lang / CNET

Huawei is in trouble because the United States government placed them on a blacklist in which it forces companies in this country to break their business relationships with the Chinese company.

For this reason, Google, Qualcomm, Intel and other companies have announced their rupture of relations and even firms such as ARM, which is based in the United Kingdom, although it uses American technology, it will also have broken its relations with the Chinese manufacturer.

Android update # 123

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With this, Huawei runs out of software base, such as Android certified by Google, or the necessary ARM licenses to continue manufacturing its Kirin processors.

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Thinking of buying a Huawei phone? Do not buy it…


Even Huawei could also be in trouble with the Bluetooth consortium, an American organization that also requires a certification to be implemented in a cell phone.

Without this, Huawei will have serious problems to develop software, hardware and multiple important technologies in their devices.

In the software, Huawei can opt for the Android version of open code (AOSP) that has the base of the platform, but that evolves slower, does not have as many novelties as the version that certifies Google, involves much more development and not It has Google Play or traditional services.

Huawei may choose to use its app store called AppGallery, but it does not compare with Google Play in any way because it lacks many apps.