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HTC Sense 7 filters the customization layer based on Android 5.0. for HTC terminals

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We are full of good news since the new version of Android came to light and with its first name already chosen, Android 5.0 Lollipop, just need to know that terminals of those in the market will have their ration of "pirouettes."

With that said, We have just seen in PhoneArenaque that some screenshots of the new version of the “Green Muequito” have been leaked for the high-end terminals of HTC, HTC M7 and HTC M8.And as I advance the company's own Twitter account based in Taiwn, they promise update devices before 90 days right after Google releases the source code, which will be launched on November 3. So in early 2015 we will have it on our HTC mobile phones.

Image 1 Picture 2

These images showthe new HTC Sense 7 customization layer based on Android Lollipop.Being an interface with details of Android 5.0 very bulky and with splendid colors. Another feature is the simplicity to adapt to it without having to spend some time researching.

Little more can we announce since it is very limited information but at the same time very useful because it advances “something” of what we can see in the next updates of HTC terminals.

Do you like the renewal that HTC has made for its Sense 7 layer?