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How to watch Lolito Fdez on Facebook Gaming, the video game streaming platform

Just as Fortnite carried out a borrn and new account with the popular black hole event, Lolito Fdez, one of the most meditative players in battle royale, has also announced a "second chapter" in which he has already started a new stage as a streamer in Facebook Gaming. Thus, the internet star broadcast its games exclusively on the social network portal, leaving YouTube and Twitch at least momentarily.

Lolito has confirmed that streaming every day for several hours, premiering this Friday, October 25 with a special 12 hours.

Lolito Fdez launches to Facebook Gaming to broadcast his streamings

In the YouTube video in which he announced his landing on Facebook Gaming, Lolito Fdez has detailed some of his short-term plans and what we can expect from him on the Facebook platform. As goat wait, Fortnite be one of the key pieces of its channel and its direct, although it also opens the door to other games like Karmaland, which has recently had a good reception among its followers.

Thus, if you want to accompany Lolito in his new adventure, simply follow the following link.

You can access Facebook Gaming with your usual Facebook account, although it is not necessary to watch the videos or the live ones. However, you can only follow the streamers and comment if you start session. Moreover, if you have already given them the likes of the Facebook page of Lolito or you follow it, from it you can also see the videos already broadcast and the streamer's direct.

In the same way to its main competitors, you can also activate a bell to receive notifications on Facebook when Lolito starts a new live.

Additionally, you can also download the official Facebook Gaming app, fully dedicated to the gamer space and without a trace of the social aspect of the platform.

What do you think of Lolito's jump to Facebook Gaming? Achieve to attract all its public to this new project of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg? You can leave your comments below.