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how to scan text from an Android

Tablet camara escaner


Take advantage of your tablet's camera: how to scan text from an Android

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October 15, 2015

Tablet camera scanner

The escalation of tablets that appear on the market with 4: 3 screen format leads us to think that, increasingly, users dedicate these devices not only to play, watch movies or interact with contacts on social networks, but also to the reading. There are numerous applications with which to handle electronic books, but today we are going to give you some keys to move from paper to pixel Scanning text with your Android.

Every time we test a tablet and then write a thorough analysis (and go a few times), when it comes to the camera, our head is filled with contradictions. On the one hand, if they put a lens on the equipment, we are not worth anything: we want a minimum of quality. On the other hand, do we really intend to use it no matter how good it is? Scan documents Then working with them can be an example of how to take advantage of the camera of our tablet.

There are different alternatives between the applications that allow capture and edit documents in AndroidHowever, here we are going to talk about three really remarkable ones.

Evernote, ideal if we already use its different tools

To launch the scanner mode of Evernote we must press the ‘+’ button with which we add a new note, or start editing an old one, click on Camera and in the lower menu enter Document. This app will ask us to put the page on a black background to get more contrast and turn on the flash of the device to make the capture unless we tell you otherwise.



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The interesting thing is that the pages will be stored within Evernote, we can assign a notebook and work with them online. If we want to edit them and add annotations, then we must download the app Skitch.

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If we are familiar with the different functions and screens of Evernote, it will be all easier. If not, it can be a bit messy. We simply love the ecosystem that is being formed around this tool initially designed to take notes and the service itself provides excellent results, but it is something more expensive to understand the alternatives that we show below.