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How to recover data from an Android phone with a broken screen

Android broken screen

You may have dropped your Android phone at any given time. In many cases, this may mean that the phone screen has broken, which makes it almost unusable. When this happens, there are people who want to erase the data from the phone, so that it can then be thrown permanently. It can also happen that there is data on the phone that you do not want to lose. Therefore, you want to recover them.

The good part is that if this has happened to you, there are ways to Recover data from a broken Android smartphone. In these cases, we have to resort to a couple of applications. Thanks to them we will be able to extract such data in a simple way. Especially if you don't have a backup.

In order to make use of these applications on Android, you have to have USB debugging enabled. It may happen that even if the screen is broken, some actions can still be carried out or some of what happens on the screen can be seen. So it is possible to activate it in this way. It is important to know what this debugging is, but above all the way in which we can activate it.

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What is USB debugging and what is it for?

If the device screen does not respond, other methods can be used. In this sense, it is best to connect the phone to the computer using a USB-HDMI cable. So that process can be carried out from the computer itself. Which allows us to extract the data. One method that we can also do, if what we want is to have photos and files, is to connect the phone to the computer and copy the folders we want.

Droid screen

This first application allows us Control this Android phone with broken screen from your computer. What they do is show the phone screen on the computer. So we can move in the device easily and proceed to copy the data we want to recover at that time without too much trouble. Although to be able to use it on our smartphone, some aspects have to be taken into account.

Because we have to tener Android SDK installed on the device. In addition to having Android drivers installed on the computer. When we have this, we can connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable. So we also have to have USB debugging available on the device, in order to use this process. Then we have to download the file that is requested, so that we execute said JAR file in the order. To do this you must use the command: java -jar droidAtScreen-1.2.jar

Then the screen of our smartphone will come out on the computer. So we can start working simply. What will allow us to copy the files we want. So we can recover all that we were looking for Recover on the phone with great comfort. The app is downloaded from its website.

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