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How to launch the PokBall for difficult catches in Pokmon GO

When you meet a Pokmon down the street, you know you canlaunch your PokBall to try to capture it. And you know that there is a circle of color that gets bigger or smaller, letting us capture it with greater or lesser difficulty. But what you might not know is that there are different types of launch, and you have options forincrease the probability of capturing it.

Types of release in Pokmon GO

There are several types of launch in Pokmon GO, and depending on what we do we will have more or less chance of capturing the creature. The first thing is to play the Pokmon when we meet him, to start the process. And once done, we will have topress the PokBall so that a circle appears in the center of the creature and another, colored, just inside. This second circle, the color one,it gets smaller as we hold down the PokBall.

The smaller the circle is made,more difficult is that we hit the roll, butmore likely We will have to capture it. When the circle is larger the type of roll isGoodthen beGreat and the following isExcellent. It is at this point that we get the highest probability of capture. And be older as we get closer, by throwing the PokBall, to the center of the circle.

Pokemon GO

Tricks to increase the probability of capture when throwing the PokBall

In addition to the above there is a trick, which ismake curved throws or‘With effect’. This increases the probability and also gives usmore experience points as a result. And the way to do it is simple, we just have to press the PokBall and, when launching, drawa parabola in the sense of rotation we want to give it. Obviously, the shot will be much more complex and that is why, again, with this type of launch the probability of capture is greater and the experience points also obtained.

There are other better known tricks to capture Pokmon that are difficult. Use araspberryFor example, help us. But it is not the only object. What we must keep in mind is that this is based on the particular creature, according to its probability of appearance, but also on its level. To know if we find it more or less difficult, we can look at the inner circle that can be coloredgreeneasy to capture-, orangemedium level- YRedvery difficult.Before throwing, check the color of the inner disk and try one of these special runs, or reduce the risk using a raspberry.