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How to download APKS directly from the Google Play Store

Practical video tutorial in which I explain the best and easiest way to get download APKS directly from the Google Play Store, without any intermediary directly from the official Google Play repository.

So you know, if you want download apps in APK format, applications that are not available for your Android devices or simply to have them saved, modify or share them with your friends, then you are in the right place, so keep reading this article.

Requirements to download any free application from the Play Store in APK format

Chrome HD icon and Google logo

The only requirement to meet is that of have a personal computer with Google Chrome installed as a web browser. It is indifferent if you are a Windows, MAC or Linux user since what we will need to download APKS directly from the Google Play Store is a free extension for Google Chrome.

Free download APK Downloader for Google Chrome from the Web Chrome Store

To download the necessary extension to be able to Download any APK directly from the Google Play Store, the official Android app store, just click on this link from your Google Chrome web browser on your personal computer.

A window like the following will open in which you will only have to click on ?Add to Chrome? to install the extension:

Download APKS from the Play Store

Once the apk downloader extension is installed in the Chrome browser of your personal computer, a new icon will appear in the Google Chrome taskbar:

Download APKS from Play Store

With this you will have your Chrome web browser ready to download any free APK that is hosted on Google Play.

How to download APKS directly from the Google Play Store. Using APK Downloader for Google Play Store.

Downloading any APK that is hosted in the Play Store is as simple as browsing the Android application store in its Web version, use Google Play by clicking on this link, find the free application you are interested in downloading the APK, and once you have opened the page in question of the application that you are interested in having downloaded in APK format, click on the downloader apk icon that we have installed in the Chrome taskbar.

Clicking on that icon should open a page like the one I show you below, a page that shows the name of the application we were checking on Google Play with the addition of a button to download directly in apk format.