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How to detonate it from your brand's social networks?

How to detonate the FOMO from your brand's social networks?

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FOMO, Fear of Missing Out or fear of missing something, is that idea that other people are enjoying certain experiences that others are not. It is a powerful feeling in marketing that can motivate consumers to take certain actions to be part of the events.

According to data highlighted by AdWeek, the FOMO is present mainly in the members of the millennial generation, up to 69 percent of them experience it and for 60 percent it is a shopping trigger. With this it can be understood that taking advantage of it can bring results, so on this occasion we will highlight how to promote FOMO from a space like social networks, as highlighted by the Agora Pulse platform.

Why social networks? The reason behind it is that it is a key space in which consumers spend a lot of time and can be ideal to generate that fear of missing something.

How to use FOMO in social networks?

  • Focus on the experience

As you may already know, experiences have become a key element for brands, this aspect is even said to exceed price and product as the main differentiating element. The need for experiences is a good tool to detonate the FOMO, therefore, selling experiences that attract attention and appeal to the target audience is a good way to go to achieve good results.

In the section of social networks, this aspect can be managed using outstanding images that arouse people's interest. The approach through the published content must be done on how the experience offered can make the brand sound unique.

At this point, user-generated content can be of great help, what better way to detonate the FOMO than to show that the experience has already been proven by someone else?

  • Work with scarcity and urgency

Creating urgency is a very recurring marketing tactic. Those messages that are read saying last days! Or last places! They don't always tell the truth, but they motivate consumers to act. Also commercial events with delimited dates, such as Black Friday are a sample of how this is set in motion, the results generated are significant year after year as people do not want to miss the offers during a day like Black Friday.

Of the hand of the urgency many times goes the shortage because the consumer catches the attention the special thing, what very few have, for example, a product of limited edition or a place of few that are left for an important event. Urgent situations with a touch of scarcity detonate consumer anxiety and this can be used to boost conversions or sales.

In the field of social networks, these elements can be used in different ways, for example, on a platform like Instagram you can work with the countdown sticker for the purpose of an offer or promotion.

It may also be effective to announce offers with short durations to trigger the urgency, for example, on social networks you can publish a weekly offer that motivates people to act before time runs out.

  • Create content that expires

The contents that expire can trigger that sensation of FOMO in an important way, this is one of the keys by which the Stories format has gained so much popularity and various social platforms have adopted it. Only on Instagram this section has more than 500 million active users. People do not want to miss these contents that disappear forever after a period of 24 hours, especially when they can provide something.

As you can understand, in social networks it is important to take advantage of the stories to boost the FOMO, either by sharing a promotion that expires in what the story lasts or by sharing content through the format.