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How to avoid being added to a WhatsApp group

In this article we will try to solve one of the doubts that most torments the current generations. Without fear of error we think that we have all sometimes asked ourselves how to avoid being added to a WhatsApp group, and the good news is that there is a way.

The possibility of controlling who adds us to a WhatsApp group is possible, thanks to a function that the company began to test in several places, at the beginning of the year, and that allows create a list of those who can exercise this action.

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Steps to avoid being added to a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp privacy
The solution offered by WhatsApp is to follow some very simple steps. The first thing is to enter the option of Account> Privacy> Groups, where the message appears Who can add me to the groups?. Once at this point begins the time to manage the possibilities of your contacts to get into the famous groups. The next thing is to decide between three options

Everybody. Anyone, within your contact list or not, can add you to WhatsApp groups.

My contacts. Only people on your contact list have this possibility.

My contacts, except. You have to select manually, those people that you would not like to have that possibility.

WhatsApp offers three options for us to manage who can add us, but not everything ends there. While we cannot be automatically added to a group, we can receive valid invitations for three days. During that time we can know who they are and decide whether to continue avoiding it or not.

This update of WhatsApp began to be deployed in all countries recently, for users of version 2.19.298 beta of WhatsApp for Android. Therefore, if it is not available for iPhone, we assure you that there is little left for it to happen.