How much battery is saved with the dark mode of your phone?

How much battery is saved with the dark mode of your phone?

If you have Android 10 or iOS 13 surely you will have noticed that one of the best functions of both operating systems is the dark mode, which is used much better in OLED screens because the pixels are turned off, so we get deep blacks that contrast perfectly with other colors of the interface.

However, beyond the aesthetic aspect that the dark mode gives us, its great advantage is in the battery saving (especially in phones with OLED screen), because when turning off the pixels less energy is spent, in this way the screen consumes much less battery than normally occupied with normal mode.

But really you save as much battery as they say ?, well, to check it out the PhoneBuff guys have made a test video with two iPhone XS Max, but one with the mode activated and the other not.

Chrome's dark mode reached all Android, and we tell you how to activate it

The screen of both phones is 200 nits, and at all times both phones are treated on equal terms, because the machine performs exactly the same tests so that there are no errors in the test.

Among the applications used we see the one of Apple Messages, Twitter, YouTube and Google Maps.

How much battery saving does the dark mode offer?

Although this may vary between Android and iOS, different iPhone should not vary too much, especially in those with OLED screen.

And after 7 hours and 33 minutes of testing, the phone without the dark mode runs out of life, while the iPhone XS Max with dark mode still remains with 30% battery.

While the battery saving is not so great, it is to be appreciated that we can enjoy 30% more battery than with the clear mode in operation, which in iOS is mostly white.