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Hawkers sends the message "Two nights ago I was following you" and creates polmica on Twitter

Receive an SMS that begins by saying "Two nights ago I was following you" it certainly attracts attention, something that Hawkers, the brand of sunglasses, has taken advantage of its latest advertising campaign for Halloween.

The message sounds reassuring, and on Twitter many users have complained. The second sentence indicates that "I would like to spend eternity with you", what easily can be identified as harassment, in particular the one that many women suffer.

Finally, the SMS indicates "We caught 2×1 at Hawkers Halloween? Buy now!", accompanying a link for the purchase on the Hawkers website and another for unsubscribing. This is the original message:

Image - Hawkers sends the message

Although this advertising campaign certainly fits the horror theme of Halloween, many Twitter users have considered it inappropriate and in bad taste.

Some were scared to think that someone really followed them by reading the first sentence, and others remember that situations like this happen in reality much more than we would like.

For example, some users have commented that Hawkers' SMS may portray a case of macho harassment:

Image - Hawkers sends the message

Others speak of a marketing error, which cause many users to click on the message link to unsubscribe from Hawkers advertising:

Image - Hawkers sends the message

Although Twitter is a social network given to over-action, and sometimes bad publicity is better to go unnoticed, in this case Hawkers will probably be harmed, because almost all reactions have been negative.

In addition, Twitter has been fighting online harassment in its community for some time, so users have been raising awareness about it.

In the end, the text of "Two nights ago I was following you" will aim to sell sunglasses of the 2×1 offer. And although there is much talk about Hawkers in social networks, the issues revolve around machismo and harassment, which is not clear that it will help sales.

The controversy has at least served to raise awareness about the insecurity that anyone can suffer. He Hawkers message has been considered in bad taste in a generalized way, but it has opened an interesting debate about Halloween stereotypes that actually occur on a daily basis and are very serious.