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Google translator introduces automatic language detection

Google translator

The Google translator is a basic tool for millions of users. It's something we can get a lot out of on Android. In addition, new functions arrive regularly to the application, something that is repeated this time. Automatic language detection is now introduced, something that will be possible using the camera mode in the application. A feature that was presented at Google I / O 2019 last week.

In that case it was a function that was used with Google Lens, although the principle is the same in this case. Since the phone's camera will be able to be used to point to a text and then that text will be automatically displayed in our language. So it promises to be one of great popularity among users.

This function will reach the translator officially in its version 5.29. Although for now we can see the way it would work, because we already have some catches on it. While the operation will not present too many complications for users on Android.

Google translator automatic translation

The function will arrive with a new interface in the Google application. Now it will show us three available modes, which are Instant, Scan and Import, as we can see in the photo. In this way, with this function, we can have access to much faster translations. In addition, we will not need to know what the source language is.

Definitely, It is something that will be very useful if we are abroad. Since if for example we see a traffic sign with text, we can use the Google translator to point to that text and thus have an automatic translation in our language and thus be able to understand what that signal says. It is something that can be used in all kinds of situations. So you will enjoy a lot of popularity.

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These changes make this function now much easier to use. This function is expected to arrive shortly. It should happen with version 5.29 of the Google translator. Although this function has been could see officially in the beta of Android Q, available since last week.

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