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Google Play recommends you delete apps you don't use

Google Play

Google Play works to incorporate many changes In the next weeks. The app store will change the rating system this August. In addition, we also soon expect a new design in it, with which the first tests are already being made officially. Now, we know a new function that will be introduced in it shortly.

It is a function that promises to be very useful to control the apps that we have installed. Since Google Play is going to suggest that let's eliminate those applications that we haven't used for a long time. It will keep track of our use of them and will recommend this to us.

In this way, we will be able to free space easily on our Android phone. A function that promises to be closely linked to the possibility of removing several applications at the same time, which has already been available for a few months on Google Play. Thus, those applications that we do not use will be deleted from the phone.

Google Play remove unused apps

In the photo you can see the way in which this new feature will work. We will receive a notification on the phone, in which it tells us that we can free up space by eliminating some applications. It refers to those apps that we haven't used for a long time. If we enter, we will have this information.

It can be seen in the capture on the left. Since Google Play shows how long have we used this application for the last time. In this way, we can choose which of the applications that appear in this list we can remove from the phone. Each user will choose the ones they want and thus free up space.

It is a function of enormous interest, which is already being tested. Therefore, it should not take long to officially launch on Google Play for all users on Android. Although so far no information has been given on possible dates for its launch. We hope to know more very soon.

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